Interview on TWAM “Together We Are Magic” Nation!

Hey gorgeous tarot people!

It’s raining in Oregon (still??) and I’ve got my five little chicks in the garage chirping away, just waiting for sunshine so they can have their first outside experience. I’m so excited to show them their first glimpse of nature, but since it’s been so cold, they haven’t been able to get outside yet, poor things!

Anyway, I am just writing today to share a link to an interview that I did for TWAM Nation (Together We Are Magic). They spotlight different creative people and subjects every month on their blog, as well as create entertaining, quirky, and awesome writings!

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about my personal history with Tarot, what I believe about Tarot and how it works, then pop over to TWAM nation and check it out!

For the past month, I’ve been really busy working on the tarot course, taking a few courses of my own, and doing lots of client readings, which has been so much fun. I also got the little chicks, started practicing Lenormand readings more and more, and have been working weekly with a voice coach to increase the stamina of my voice. March has been action-packed, despite this dreary weather 🙂

April Creativity Tarotscopes will be posted within the next four days or so, and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my first Instagram tarot challenge next month, woohoo!

April Fool’s Journey is a springtime stroll through the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each day for the first 22 days of April, we’ll look into each Major Arcana card to discover how this archetype is living through you in your own life. The intention is that April can be a month of self-reflection and self-evolution by using the Major Arcana to mirror us our own inner archetypes!

If you haven’t followed me yet on Instagram, be sure to do so by clicking HERE so you can follow along with the challenge! All you need is one Tarot deck and you’re good to go!

Sending lots of love and light to all of you!!! Big smooches!


xoxo Kayleigh Jean


March Gladness

Hey y’all! 

I’m flabbergasted that we’re already fast approaching Spring. This year, which is my numerological Wheel of Fortune year, has started off as a whirlwind. It feels very different from last year, which was my Hermit year. Last year, I spent the majority of my time being very much a Hermit. I wrote a lot (much of it in my private journal) and read tarot books. I redrafted my fiction novel a couple of times. Taking care of the animals on this 90 acre farm where I live also took up quite a bit of my attention, too! 

Where I’m At With My Goals

When late December rolled around, things in my Tarot business started really picking up. Since then, I’ve been living and breathing Tarot, which is lovely! However I do realize that I haven’t updated the blog and that there are other areas of my life where I need to put more focus and energy. Creating balance is the name of the game here. 

So, I’ve been thinking about all of my other life goals–fitness, relational, social, creative self-expression…there’s so much good stuff on that list. And with the Spring Equinox coming up so soon, I’m feeling like a breath of fresh air is coming in. I want to ride that wave. 

How To Get Back On Track

This upcoming Spring feels like another opportunity for rebirth. It’s not as intense as January 1st, which comes up quite abruptly after all of the holiday celebrations. It’s a perfect time for regrouping and taking advantage of nature’s energetic boost period. If you’ve lost the scent of some of your New Year’s goals, March is a wonderful time to get back on track!  

I’ve been noticing the March Madness stuff going on recently around fitness and well-being, and for some reason, my brain kept wanting to change it to “March Gladness.”

I guess that’s my subconscious telling me I need to focus not on striving madly toward my goals, but on moving gladly toward what I desire.

So, I might do well to infuse my desires with a deeper sense of gratitude and optimism about the future! 

So that’s why I created this March Gladness tarot reading for myself. I wanted to get a deeper idea of what I could do to create balance in my work and life. I also wanted to know what Spirit wanted me to be grateful for, since you can never have too much appreciation, right?

But I also wanted to know about any unknown forces that could be affecting my progress toward my goals. For example, unconscious elements within myself that could be causing me to self-sabotage, or aspects of my daily life that need more attention than they’re getting. 

I also wanted to know WHY I’m avoiding things like connecting on social media and updating the blog, or not making as fast of progress on my personal life goals. On the surface, I’ve obviously been very busy, but that doesn’t cut it. There’s more to that story.

Just like with any healing, it’s not just happening on the physical level. There’s a spiritual and emotional healing happening whenever we truly recover from an illness or injury.

So, when looking at my goals, I had to realize that it’s not just about the brass tacks of my schedule, how many hours there are in a day, or how many readings and emails I need to take care of.

It goes deeper than that, to questions of what I truly value and believe about myself. So, without further adieu, let’s get to the spread!

{I’m also offering it in the shop for anyone interested in getting this reading from me}


Card 1 – What’s Unknown to You

We’re kicking off this spread with some in-depth guidance about what is unconsciously going on in your life. This card puts you on alert to discover what hidden or unseen forces have been affecting your progress. 

I got: Five of Pentacles.

What I felt with this card is this idea of scarcity. Unconsciously, I may have been telling myself a story about time that is scarcity-oriented. “There’s not enough hours in the day” is a typical example of this. This card puts me on alert that I have some outdated mindset stuff to be aware of when it comes to planning and executing. I’ll be on the lookout for areas of my life where I feel insecure or overly rushed, and bring awareness to that. 

Card 2 – What’s Coming In This Spring 

This card shows you some energy that’s moving into your life this spring. This card can reveal opportunities, focus points, or challenges that may be coming up for you. It also implies the best way to cope with the energy. 

I got: Page of Pentacles.

This card shows me that Spring, for me, is going to be about working steadily toward my goals. The flow is going to feel persistent and determined. I’ll be knocking things off my to-do list and focusing on the JOURNEY rather than the destination.

Card 3 – What’s Going Well

Gratitude alert!! This card reveals what you have to be grateful for. It may be surprising! If you get a negative card here, it’s showing you that you need to look for the pearls within the challenge. See how it’s been making you stronger. It can also point to that challenge energy being completed and thus, moving out of your life. Whew!

I got: Nine of Pentacles.

Yes, this pretty much makes sense! I do feel that business is going well and that I am finding independence and peace within my creative projects. I am grateful for the solid ground beneath my feet and the creative currency I’ve allowed myself to cultivate. 

Card 4 – What Needs Work 

This is an area of life that needs your attention over the next three months. 

I got: Knight of Cups.

This makes perfect sense to me. I need to keep focusing on what I love and what fills me with inspiration. What I see here is reading fiction books again and drawing / creating art for myself over the next three months. I need to fill my own cup, not for my business, but for myself and my own pleasure. 

Card 5 – Balance will require…

This card shows you a quality or action required for you to achieve more balance within your life as you achieve your goals. 

I got: Ace of Cups!

Again, balancing my life requires more self-care and self-love. I care so deeply about what I do that I can sometimes put myself on the wayside in favor of exchanging long emails with clients and taking special care of the people in my immediate environment. All that stuff is wonderful! But at a certain point, I have to recognize that if I’m not filling my own cup, too, then I’m going to dry up. Ace of Cups, for me, shows that looking at my self-care and pleasure as an important investment in myself will be prudent. I’ll need it in order to really LOVE my life and the direction it’s moving in. 

Card 6 – Advice from the cards about my target  goal…

This is a message from the cards about what you’ll need to know or do in order to achieve your target goal for Spring 2017. 

I got: Five of Cups!

Wow! This clearly shows me that I’m going to have to let go of some things I might truly care about. I may also need to be okay with disappointing some people if I can’t get back to everyone immediately and always be “on call” when it comes to answering emails, because I don’t have enough time or resources to answer everything right away. This does feel like an emotional challenge for me, since I really care about the people I work with. I need to extend my empathy to myself, as well. 

Card 7 – The Target Goal. 

This is the “bull’s eye” of your spread. It’s the thing you’re aiming for. If you get a challenge card here, then the focus may very well be on HEALING that area of your life. If you get a harmonious card, it’s going to give you a deeper sense of the FLAVOR that your goals have for you. No matter what, this card is going to be VERY relevant for you in the next three months of Spring. 

I got: Six of Wands! 

Okay, very straightforward message here for me. I want, victory! So, I’m encouraged to ask myself to clarify what that really looks like. Is it self-expression? Number of people helped? Financial? Spiritual? Relational? I need to re-clarify what victory really is for me, distill it down to a symbol or image, and then reconnect with that symbol or image on a daily basis in order to stay focused. 

Theme & Support Cards… 

The last two cards are optional but recommended. You can pull an oracle card to give you a feeling of the THEME of your  Spring 2017. 

I got: Whale {Breach}!

Lovely! This shows me that the theme is “breaking through boundaries” which I really love. The other thing that comes up for me is that the whale is revealing herself to the world and HAVING FUN while doing it! So this shows me that the theme of spring is celebratory and expressive. Amazing!

This card also gives me a sense of a quick burst of energy, like aiming for something and then flying upward and achieving it. I get a very good feeling about Spring when I look at this card!

I also pulled an animal spirit card to give me an idea of what animal totem is going to be with me this Spring, helping me achieve this better sense of work/life flow.

{I do this in pretty much all my client readings now, too. The Animals just really know what to say, don’t they?!}

I got: Lizard!

The lizard is such an artist. It’s a sensitive creature that warms itself by its environment. So it shows me that the most creative way for me to live during Spring 2017 is to surround myself with *warming* influences. I could get into the sun whenever it’s out. I feel like it’s necessary to meditate and include inspiring activities like reading fiction and coloring in adult coloring books, even for just ten or fifteen minutes in the mornings, as a way to creatively “warm up.”

I am being shone, with the lizard card, that I reflect my environment, so I’d better make my environment pretty inspiring, eh?? I think I’ll move some stuff around, put up some pretty pictures, and reorganize my desk to get that energy flowing! 


Overall, this reading shows me that what’s holding me back from making progress on my life goals, and on creating a better work/life balance, are my EMOTIONAL attachments to things like being “on call” with emails, and even to a desire to remain “submerged” in a more private existence, like the Whale before she breaches. 

These cups cards on the right side of my spread all point to a lot of emotional inner work that needs to be done. It could include having to LET GO of some activities in order to make space for new ones. 

For example, updating the blog and connecting more on social media and setting aside a specific amount of time every couple days to tackle all my emails, instead of constantly being “on call” and trying to get to them as they come in. That could mean that I have less time to respond to each one. The cards do admit that this could feel disappointing to me, because I love to connect meaningfully with everyone, but I have to make a choice and be willing to prioritize.

If I want to take better care of myself, I have to do something different than what I’ve been doing. That much is very clear, and these cards have given me some very specific action points to take note of and employ in my daily life. 

If you’re still with me, I hope you enjoy this spread and give it a try for yourself! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Sending love and happy prayers and wishes for your Spring 2017!!!

Psst…If you would like to do a March Gladness reading with me, you can find the listing in my Etsy shop HERE.

And by the way, the March creativity tarotscopes are up on Youtube!

big love to all of you!

xoxo Kayleigh Jean





2017 Year-At-A-Glance Readings Are Up!!

Hey y’all!

I’m on vacation in Newport Beach right now with my partner and his family enjoying the beach and some intermittent sunlight! It feels so different from snowy Portland, I am loving the California vibes right now 😀

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday celebrations and taking time for self-care!!

Speaking of self-care…some of you may be planning some goals for the new year. If so, wonderful! I recorded the 2017 Creativity Tarot Readings by Zodiac sign to give you an idea of the opportunities and energies you can make the most of next year. In each video, I talk about the best times for launching products and making things happen, and the cyclical periods when downtime and reflection will be the most productive and relaxing activities for you!

I also cover ways to enhance your blessings and minimize the potential challenges. Overall, my intention was to offer guidance to you about how you can make 2017 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!!! woot!

All you gotta do is follow the link, then scroll through the 2017 playlist on my channel for your sign, and you’re in!! Enjoy!!

sending holiday hugs and kisses!!

xoxo kayleigh jean